From Homeless Vietnam Vet to Home Owner
Living in a Small Intentional Farm
Community of Amazing People and Animals.

It was a dream come true. It was a cold winter night in 2008 when I looked into my service dog, ZEUS ‘ s eyes and promised him I would never drink again as long as he were alive.

Robert and Zeus in 2005 Robert and Zeus Homeless 2011

That was a turning point for this homeless Vietnam Combat vet. The unconditional love Zeus had for me started me on the journey from homelessness to becoming a home owner for him and me. How could I let someone down who loved and protected me so much ? I had to “grow up” and start trusting people I normally would not trust. One by one, step by step I came closer to my goal. I bought an older Winnebago and started living in it with Zeus. Then another miracle came into my life - PANDORA. She was 6 months old and gorgeous. The first time she met Zeus she literally leaped over him in excitement ! They became a loving bonded pair.

Then, thanks to Leon, a dedicated mortgage broker and minister and Pam, a tenacious real estate agent and minister, I got pre-approved to buy a home and began a serious search. I also slowly put aside the escrow money I would need. Then another miracle happened. I found a willing seller of a 2.8 acre fixer upper farm in Fort Bragg, California who wanted to sell to a veteran.

I put together a lease option to buy for $1,000 per month with Dennis, the owner, in March of 2015. Finally Zeus and Pandora had a real home with a forest, and gardens, a pond and wildlife to explore; all fully fenced ! Sadly, Zeus was getting on in age and died in my arms in May of 2015 in the farmhouse. I closed escrow in January of 2016. I kept my word to Zeus and to this day have not had a drink of alcohol. In his final days Zeus had a real home and land . . . . and PANDORA. He was surrounded by love during his final days. Pandora was saddened to loose Zeus, but happy for her home and the love she receives from us all. Then, in June of 2016 I found her a new best friend - LOBO !

Our Beloved Pandora Homegrown by Heroes Logo

I named the farm BE KIND FARM and the giant barn on the property became the “PEACE BARN”. Be Kind Farm is certified a “Homegrown by Heroes” farm in the Farmer Veteran Network. Expert consultants have guided us to make super soil and organically grown and GMO free garden crops. Today two wonderful gardeners, Joanie and Lois, and our disabled US Marine handy man Brian, Pandora and Lobo along with four gold fish live here. We are all rescues from homelessness and thank God every day for our home here at Be Kind Farm. Our lives are truly blessed. Flowers grow everywhere and the soil is teaming with life. Hummingbirds, butterflies, dragonflys, garter snakes and native bees live here.

It is spring of 2022 and PANDORA is starting to slow down. She is now 13 and a cancer survivor. We love her so very much. Lobo is a very protective of her. When she transitions LOBO and all of us will be devastated.

Pandora Our Beloved Service Dog is Going on 14.
Her Cancer is back and now I am trying to network
resources to either buy a Ozone Machine or find
someone who can help her with gentle
Ozone Therapy . . .
Robert and LOBO 2021

You can help Be Kind Farm by donating to

We continue to work on the Peace Barn, our vegetable gardens and making the farm more wildfire safe. We want to convert the PEACE BARN and our wonderful well with a Solar Panel array, heavy duty invertor and battery back-up. But we lack the money and are trying to raise another $20,000. We also need to finish the outside of the barn with the redwood siding we purchased and hang a large door. If you think you could help you could donate to the Be Kind Farm PayPal account at North of San Francisco is my travel website. You can visit it at You will also find a beautiful full color 84 page guide book on the Mendocino Coast on the home page for $14.95. I published this book because I heard children in Fort Bragg were going to bed hungry. I had to do something to strengthen our food and shelter safety network - hence the 5 main non-profits and 20 local churches featured in the back of the book.

Thank You and Blessings.
Robert, Pandora, Lobo, Joanie, Lois, Brian and the gold fish.


Be Kind Farm, located 4 miles SW of Fort Bragg, CA. in the pristine coastal air sunbelt offers 1 or 2 people an organic farming opportunity to grow crops and make money. The farm is located on 2.8 acres, fully fenced, peaceful and private, with 3 bedroom - 2 bath partially furnished recently remodeled manufactured home with attached greenhouse, hardwood floors, sunken double size bathtub, walk-in shower, large kitchen, lots of closet space in a summertime warm and sunny environment. Farmers / Gareners can rent the large field where 80 heirloom tomatoe plants were grown in 2016 (see photo below). There are also raised beds, over 100 small to large pots and other growing areas. We have beds of chipped forest wood from Wildfire fuel load reduction activity that could be used to cultivate mushrooms and a good sized chicken coop that could be converted to mushroom growing or raising chickens.

This is a clean and sober environment with no alcohol or drugs. It is certified a “Homegrown by Heroes Farm” as the happy and healthy owner is a disabled Vietnam Veteran. The property is mixed pygmy and fir forest, with large growing field, raised organic beds, two ponds, deep well with lots of pure water, large barn, unused chicken coop, and detached buildings. Lots of healthy environmental indicator species live here - 2 - 3 queen bees, lady bugs, garter snakes, frogs and salamanders as well as visiting humming birds, honey and native bees, butterflys and dragonflies. WIFI is available at this high touch low tech farm. Gardening tools, 2 chain saws, electric weed wackers, a 6kw generator, a small chipper, brand new rototiller, electric firewood splitter, tool shed, farm and garden library, seed bank and detached private gardeners office/living space by the raised beds are available. Be Kind Farm is ready for the right people. There is also a very cozy furnished studio with electricity and wifi that stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Be Kind Farm is a diamond in the rough and is ideal for a tuned in, yet unpretentious individuals who want to start a life full of purpose and bless the Fort Bragg and Mendocino Coast with quality organic food and flowers. The owner is a semi-retired travel author and former bed n breakfast innkeeper who is well networked with local people and resources and has a list of local high end restaurants that will buy any quality organic food you grow. Currently the owner, two female tenants and a handy man live in separate accommodations on the farm with two large dogs. This is an intentional community of kind people and amazing animals.

Perspective growers are kind and considerate with verifiable good incomes, have reliable vehicles, some experience with organic, biodynamic or permaculture and honor all life. You believe every problem has a solution, have a “can do” attitude and believe in miracles. Need Farming References, background and credit check required.

Contact Robert W. Matson or call Cell 707-813-1206 Voice 707-522-0550
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