In 2021 I cured my service dog Pandora's breast cancer tumor in 45 days using O3 - Ozone Injections, Turkey Tail Mushroom
capsules and tincture and Vet CBD tincture and salve. Treatment was fast, safe and gentle.

Now her tumor is back and I am raising $1,900 to buy a Ozone Generator, Accessories and Medicines. You are invited to donate
to myself, Robert W. Matson, on my fast, safe and secure PayPal site using your debit or credit card.
Please read my treatment strategy below and about the national and local experts I received advice from.

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In May of 2021 I spent $1,200 for a complete diagnosis of Pandora. Full blood panel, sonogram, X-rays, complete physical and aspirated 3 tumors to determine what they were . The top surgeon in Santa Rosa, California told me the breast tumor was “very angry cancer” and needed to be removed right away. Rather than have the surgery I sought a more gentle less invasive way. With the help of holistic experts I was able to cure her in 45 days using Ozone injections, turkey tail mushroom tincture and capsule and Vet CBD salve and tincture. A miracle? No - common sense, science and lots of high quality love, support and prayer on our Be Kind Farm, which is located on the Mendocino Coast of northern California. Pandora lives in a loving Christian community and is guarded by Lobo, a large Alaskan malamute

MARCH 15, 2023

Now her tumor is back and I need to raise money and purchase a Ozone generator, oxygen tank and accessories plus high quality turkey tail mushroom capsules and tincture and Vet CBD salve and tincture.

Below is my new team of advisors, DVM Karen Becker, mushroom expert Paul Stamets, 03 Vet owner Jonathan Lowe plus not shown Jude of Dragonfly Wellness and CBD created by Angel. These are extremely capable people.

COMPASSIONATE Wisdom from Experts who want to Help End suffering and Save Lives.

Mushroom Expert
Paul Stamets cured his 84 year old mother of a huge breast tumor using Turkey Tail Mushrooms
Nationally famous DVM Karen Becker whose staff advised me. Jonathan Lowe, owner of
03 Vet was right there for Pandora

Prices of equipment and medicine are below. Solid science, a whole, raw and wild food diet, pristine well water, vitamins, pre and probiotics, tons of LOVE and prayer and safe trips to the beach with friends to breath supercharged clear ocean air should cure her within 60 days of getting the $1,900 and O3 Hummingbird Ozone generator and accessories.

Please Donate Here to ROBERT W. MATSON


The donate button to my PayPal account for Pandora is above and below. It is fast, simple and secure. Just click on it and use your debit or credit card . All donors will remain anonymous. Once I acquire the Ozone Generator and accessories and treat Pandora I can use it to help other pet owners on the Mendocino Coast . I am a 100% disabled Vietnam Combat Vet whose soul mission is to save my little Pandora’s life and hopefully the lives of many others.

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