• Highway One,
  • Tomales, CA. 94971
  • (707) 878-2396
  • Today's visitor to Tomales would be surprised to know that at one time this tiny community boasted four hotels, nine saloons and two general stores. The present Tomales general store opened in 1867 with the philosophy to –carry anything for the daily needs of life.” After World War II, Iowa banker Walter Diekmann came to Tomales and purchased the store wihci stayed in the family until 2000. Edward Vallejo, the great great grandson of General Mariona Vallejo, is the new owner and is very much in touch with the greater Tomales community. Just ask! The store is open 362 days of the year and next door is a garden for picnics and travel breaks. Original owner Kristin (Diekmann) lawson still works at the store with Edward. The split level hardwood floor and banister divides the store into two sections. Dairy products, juices, canned goods, picnic supplies, film, tiolet items, beer, spirits, wine - some organic, are stocked up-front. On the upper level youźll find work clothes, tools, hardware, camping and cooking utensils, fishing gear, towels, beach items and video rentals. We are fortunate that historic families like the Diekmanns and Vallejos understand and carry on this honest olde fashioned ethic which should never go out of style.

    General Store Hwy 1, Tomales, 94971
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