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  • Valley Ford, CA. 94971
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  • Since 1968 the Wagner family has been serving big hearted Italian meals for the big hearted people who live or visit rural Sonoma County. Over the years Gene, Betty, daughters Dolores and Jeanne, husband Enrique and grandsons Joel and Jon have brought many smiles to the faces of bar and dinner guests.

    If the receptionist or a family member tells you to have a seat in the bar, don't be offended, for Gene, or daughter Jeanne and husband Enrique (who makes the homemade fettucini) cook each entree to order. Everybody comes out pleased and contented. Daughter Dolores, who used to make almost any drink in the world as well as introduce you to her own original "jello shots" has moved to Hawaii and beloved Betty passed several years ago, but the love she created is still felt in the historic dining room and bar. . . .

    Dinner begins with a loaf of sourdough bread and a large tray of anti-pasta. Next, comes a meal in itself in a tureen of Gene's famous minestrone soup, which is so delicious that folks buy it by the gallon to take home for those special occasions. Both Bon Appetite and Gourmet Magazine have requested the secret recipe for Gene's minestrone soup. After you have had time to savor the soup, a salad and choice of dressing arrives. Pasta (a choice of spaghetti or ravioli) arrives next and you begin to wonder if your stomach has enough room for the main course! Folks, this is no "Hollywood by the Sea" where you leave broke and hungry! Next up is the cooked-to-order main entree, served with a baked potato and sour cream or vegetables. You can choose between a variety of Italian or American entrees such as baked lasagna, chicken cacciatore, porterhouse or New York steaks, and prawns or scallops. Don't overlook the Bodega Bay fresh fish catches (in season) such as grilled salmon steak or snapper as well as sauteed shellfish and seafood crepe's. If you have any room left, there is ice cream or chocolate mousse for dessert. And how much do you think such a large five course dinner will cost? From $8.95 to $13.95 at the most with soup and salad priced at only $8.00. Gene states, "Excellence without extravagance is our motto." At Dinucci's you can count on consistent quality and you leave with a full stomach and a contented feeling.

    Besides reasonable prices, Dinucci's is famous for Thanksgiving dinners. Gene arrives at daybreak to put ten tom turkeys in the oven. By noon, guests are enjoying fresh, roasted turkey and stuffing, homemade gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry dressing and pumpkin pie.

    $-$$ DINUCCI'S Family Style Dining & Bar
    Italian, Seafood, & Steaks 14485 Valley Ford Rd @ Hwy 1, Valley Ford, CA. 94971
    Cash, AE, MC & Visa and Local Checks
    Dinner from 4pm Thurs.-Mon. Sunday from 12:30pm (hours vary seasonally)
    (707) 876-3260 Sit down & to go.

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