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  • 44650 Hwy 101
  • Laytonville, CA.
  • Open Monday - Saturday
  • (707) 984-6118
  • The Good Food Store serves just that - Good Natural Foods! Health minded travelers are always looking for a health food store that is conveniently located along their route. The location is perfect for easy-off Highway 101 and into the store's parking lot.

    Proprietress Helen Alfonte is very concerned about the environment and does her best to insure patrons get the freshest and most nutritious "full of life" foods possible. The coolers and store isles overflow with seasonal organic produce (when possible from local farms and gardens), supplements, bulk herbs for winter or summer teas and medicinals, fresh squeezed juices, and fresh made health food snacks and sandwiches to keep you strong and alert whether driving, biking or hiking the north coast. Be sure to try the fresh baked organic cookies.

    Natural Foods Store, Organic Coffee and Smoothies, Sandwiches and Snacks
    44650 Hwy 101, Laytonville, CA.
    Open Monday - Saturday
    (707) 984-6118

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