• 76365 Covelo Rd.,
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  • The galactic hub of a community is often the culinary bridge that springs out of it. The North Fork Cafe fills the bill of faire in tiny, but feisty Covelo, where Native Americans, cowboys, farmers, growers and entrepreneurs enjoy the warm and unpretentious stage set by Denny & Tekla Lopiano. All enjoy the quality selection of fresh caught wild fish, organic vegetables and herbs, range fed beef, chicken, pasta and vegetarian entrees. Quite a story could be written about Tekla and Denny - she is a singer with a gorgeous voice and Denny is a veteran chef with roots that run deep at famous farm and cow country restaurants in Marin and Sonoma Counties.

    Emphasis is on fresh seasonal organic and wild foods. Denny is a also mycologist who makes mushroom soup out of wild king bolette, chanterelles and morels which he naturecrafts from the wilds around Covelo. For first timers I recommend the teriyaki chicken with fresh spinach salad. Save the remains of Grandma Teklas North Beach Bohemian salad dressing to dip the slabs of homemade bread in. The spring prima vera pasta with snow peas, asparagus tips and morels is delicious. For dessert there is lemon cheese cake or chocolate mousse and in-season wild blackberry pie.

    During winters the dining room is dry heated with a large centrally located wood fired stove (dont sit too close). The pizzas at North Fork are huge and ladened with fresh vegetables, Feta cheese, home smoked wild salmon, sun dried tomatoes and red onions. The Happy Howard special pizza is a little bit of everything, but not to much of anything - but order it and watch your hungry eyes bug out. A dozen California wines made from organically grown grapes are poured by the glass or served by the bottle. Denny and Tekla know how important it is to serve Ðsalmon friendly wineÓ. They Ðget itÓ that their, Coveloans and your resources are the very best when kept pure and raised in harmony with nature. This North Fork adventure is open from 5pm with gourmet pizza to go.


  • California Country Cuisine & Pizza
    76365 Covelo Rd., Covelo, CA. 95428
    Open Wed.-Saturday (707) 983-8014

    Located at the south entrance to Covelo are the 17 clean and cozy rooms of the Wagon Wheel Motel. Bargain rates are from $55/2 at this pet friendly motel. Amenities include hot showers, color TV (4 channels), micro wave, refrigerator and outdoor BBQs. Owners Ralph and Connie want to sell - so call them.


  • Motel Rooms 75860 Covelo Rd., Covelo, CA. 95428
    Major Credit Cards Open Wed.-Saturday (707) 963-6717
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