Hand Painted Limoges Pre 1964 Silver Coins etc. Bronze Coustou's Horse


  • 312 N. Franklin St.
  • Fort Bragg, CA. 95437
  • (707) 964-4531
  • Por Richards Antique Shop is a emporium of antiques and collectibles from A-Z. Richard moved to Fort Bragg in 1985 and opened the shop to become aquainted with the histoical side of the lumber town of Fort Bragg. Good luck prevailed and a reputation for being good-hearted has helped Richard to develop a long list of loyal clientele. In his large, full shop in historic downtown Fort Bragg, you will find Limoges, Old Paris to more common colectibles such as wind up toys, trolls, Disney characters and toys that will take you back to your childhood. Richard also buys and sells rare coins. His showcase displays Indian pennies, wheat pennies, buffalo nickels, pre-1964 Mercury and Roosevelt dimes, Washington and seated Liberty quarters, Walking Liberty and Franklin half dollars as well as the fabled Morgan and Peace silver dollars. There are also some gold coins. There are also some magnificent bronze sculptures. Why not stop by and explore Richard's world full of memories from the past and make a purchase that will bring you years of pleasure.


  • Antiques, Collectibles and Curiosities,
    312 N. Franklin St., Fort Bragg, CA. 95437
    Major Credit Cards, Approved Checks & Cash
    (707) 964-4531
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