• 65260 Drive-Thru Tree Rd.,
  • Leggett, 95585
  • (707) 925-6226
  • Conveniently set off Highway 101, yet quiet and secluded in a garden setting with love birds and fountains are the 9 units of Stonegate Villas. Owners Tina and Mike Halfhill, who herald from a sophisticated wine country lifestyle in the Napa Valley, operate this clean and tasteful motel. The setting seems more like a spiritual sanctuary and indeed local Buddhists and Church clergy value the Stonegate Villas for retreats and workshops. Modest rates are from $55/2 per night with 5 of the rooms with fully equipped kitchens and the guest house can accommodate 2 couples and 1 single for $100 per night. Sorry no pets. Bring a good book as there are no distractions like phones or TV's in the rooms. There is a picnic area with wicker furniture, hammocks, BBQ's and shaded and sunny areas to relax or sunbathe in. On the Drive-Thru Tree road, which runs parallel to Hwy 101, are two historic stone bridges which stand as high off the creeks as the Golden Gate Bridge is off the ocean. Panoramic vistas of forestland and the Eel River are most inspiring.

    Motel Rooms and Cottage
    65260 Drive-Thru Tree Rd., Leggett, 95585 (707) 925-6226 Res. Advised

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