1800 Bust Dollar
Byzantine Gold Coins
US Commemorative
Half Dollar
1 OZ American Eagle (left) 50 Peso (top), Krugerrand (right)


  • 2490 West Third Street
  • Santa Rosa, CA. 95401
  • (707) 544-1621
  • Toll Free: (800) 635-6040
  • Fax: (707) 575-5304
  • Open 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday
  • After Hours (707) 544-1681

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  • One of the largest coin shops on the Pacific Coast is Jack H. Beymer's Coddingtown Coin Shop located in Santa Rosa, known as the "City of Roses". Named after the fabled plant architect Luther Burbank, who created the thornless rose and the Shasta daisy, Santa Rosa today is a pleasant city to visit. Since 1964 Jack H. Beymer has been buying and selling rare coins to residents and visitors of the Redwood Empire. The Coddingtown Coin Shop has a spacious showroom with showcases full of every manner of coin and wall lined with rare paper currency prints as well as proof and historic sets.

    Jack and his staff buy and sell rare coins. Showcases display Indian pennies, wheat pennies, buffalo nickels, pre-1964 Mercury and Roosevelt dimes, Washington and Seated Liberty quarters, Walking Liberty and Franklin half dollars as well as the fabled Morgan and Peace silver dollars. There are also gold coins, including "California Gold Rush" $20 Double Eagles, $10 Eagles, $5 Eagles and $2 1/2 Eagles. Both the Indian (1908 - 1929) and the Coronet Head 1839 - 1908 are in stock. There are also some magnificent silver tokens, proof sets, gold nuggets and silver bars. Why not stop by and explore Jack's world full of memories from the past and make a purchase that will bring you years of pleasure.

    Speaking of our children, Jack points out that one of the nicest ways to instill value and savings is to get your kids hooked on coin collecting. Why not bring the family in for a tour of American and World history through the coins that Jack and his talented staff can show them. To start with you can buy a Whitman folder for Indian or wheat pennies and get your kids started on coin collecting. Remember "the wealth of a nation and success of a family can be judged by the thoughtful resourcefullness of its youth!"

    The Coddingtown Coin Shop hours are 10am - 6pm Monday through Saturday. You can pay for your coins by credit cards - Discover and American Express, approved checks or by cash. Inquire about Jack's newsletter and mailing list.


  • Rare Coins, Silver and Gold as well as Proof sets and Memoribilia
    737 Coddingtown Center, Santa Rosa, CA. 95401
    Major Credit Cards, Approved Checks & Cash
    (707) 544-1621
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