• 39351 S. Hwy 1,
  • Gualala, CA 95445
  • (707) 884-4107
  • Jack's Gualala Pharmacy is much more than a pharmacy. It is a place where the greater Gualala - Sea Ranch community network around important issues and life passages. Owner Jack Chladek is a socially conscious pharmacist who is fast and reliable with prescriptions utilizing traditional to natural medicines.

    Jacks sense of humor is evident in the seasonal beach scene, gift cards and zany gifts. Popular items include chocolate fudge, OTC medicinal amenities, sun glasses, new to you vintage clothes, unusual antique furniture and free laughs. Jacks best friends are Jack Russell - Cairn terriers Woody, Harley, Ruby and Pearl.

    $-$$ JACK'S GUALALA PHARMACY Full Service Pharmacy and Giftshop
    39351 S. Hwy 1, Gualala, CA. 95445 (707) 884-4107 Orders to go.

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