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NOYO HARBOR One of the Finest Fishing Headquarters
in California for Wild Ocean Fishing for Salmon (summertime),
Ling Cod and Snapper (year around), Albacore Tuna (July-October),
and Dungeness Crab typically from November-June

TELSTAR Charter Boat
Another Successful Catch
Harborview Dining at
Visiting Fishermen will enjoy accommodatons at
Sportsman RV Park and
Pacific Blue Vacation Homes
Early Breakfast
David's Restaurant
Homestyle Cafe or Laurel Street Restaurant
Seafood Dining at Sea Pal Dockside Cafe Kendall Lynn 6 Pack Charter Boat


Top of the Harbor
North Side
Mountain Mikes
Piaci's Pizza and Craft Beer
Downtown Fort Bragg
Top of the Harbor
South Side
Bear's Pizza and MORE!
(formerly Vinnys) in the
Boatyard Shopping Center

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At the Princess Seafood Market, located at the base of Noyo Harbor, the focus is on selling right off the boat fresh caught in season wild salmon, ling cod amd sable fish. Whole crab, oysters and nutritious snack food for you or your pets are also carried. The market offers hot seafood bisque and delicious sandwiches for sit down or to go. Just to the north up Noyo Harbor Drive and around a corner is the Princess Seafood Restaurant and Bar where guests can enjoy indoor/outdoor dining with river, harbor and oceanviews. The Princess Restaurant offers a full menu of seafood items, plus a beer garden with many craft beers, wine, komnuchu, mineral water and coffee. Occasionally there is live entertainment. Click on the above photo to be directed to the market website.


Driving Directions: From State Highway 1, turn onto North Harbor Drive. Go to the bottom of the hill. Straight ahead is the loading dock for AMBUSH, KRAKEN, KENDALL LYNN and MALIA KAI and the Noyo Fish Cafe with delicious clam or smoked salmon chowder and fish and chips. The Noyo Fishing Center is to your right and the closed Carine's Restaurant is on your left side, at the bottom of the hill. Take a right at the hair pin turn and watch for pedistrians, fork lifts and heavy trucks. Past Carine's and Princess Market Deli and down Harbor Drive to the north you will see signs for SEA PAL RESTAURANT, and the TELSTAR Charter Boat. Parking is in front or in the big parking lot to the east. You can board TELSTAR behind the cafe adjacent the outdoor dining area. This is a working harbor with lots of activity and the excitment of circling seagulls, wharf cats, sea lions and the anticipation of the "big catch". To board the "Hooked on Mendo" boats including the VIKING CHARTER BOAT you can load at Silver's the Wharf Dock

Those seeking to experience the open sea, whale watching or sport fishing can rest assured that one of the sport fishing boats in Fort Bragg's Noyo Harbor can accommodate them. Mendocino Coast skippers and boat owners will take you where the fish are. They can also take you to the best fishing, bird and whale watching sites. Helpful deck hands will help the novice fisherman get started. Sightseers often get close enough to get a good picture of the seasonally migrating California Grey Whales or perhaps even watch a great white shark hunt an elephant seal off the coastal islands and sea rocks. There is always fishing (weather permitting) along the Cordell Banks, one of the richest marine eco-systems on the West Coast.

Those chartering a charter boat in Noyo Harbor will assemble early from 5:30am to 6:30am for departure at 7am from the docks in the Noyo Harbor fishing village. Your Captain and crew will want to be sure everyone is prepared whether sightseeing or fishing. Everything you need to purchase is in the nearby general stores on the north and south shore of the Noyo River as well as loads of fishing tips from experts. Fishing licenses, every type of bait you can imagine - squid, anchovies, herring, night crawlers, grass shrimp, ghost shrimp, pile worms, crab bait and pink shrimp.

The happy lad to the right is Dustin Jorden, from Placerville, California who had never dined on salmon, let alone caught a wild Pacific king salmon. The day skipper Wayne Gilliland took this photo, Dustin caught a 30 lb wild king salmon from the Trek II. Dustin first exclaimed "YAY!"; then began thinking "how heavy it was" and finally reeled it in. At the time Dustin was only 11 1/2 years old and since has grown up. Father Dan Jorden and friend Austen Stephenson were real proud of Dustin, but eagerly waiting to grill up some of those delicious king salmon steaks in their hometown of Placerville. Why don't you bring your kids for such an ocean experience. The ritual is as old as time since the first fish walked up on shore and said "whats for dinner."

BABY GREY WHALE CONTACT!!! One of the early documented contacts with a baby grey whale occurred with Mendocino artist-divers J.D. Mayhew and Byrd Baker. Their love and efforts were instrumental in helping to save the California Grey Whales from extinction. Byrd and J.D. were men of great courage and passion - we need more such artisan leaders to inspire the connection we have with our telepathic brothers and sisters of the sea. Pictured above is a baby grey whale with its mother headed north. You can visit the J.D.Mayhew Gallery by clicking on the above painting.

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